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Overweight and obesity are health concerns that affect the lives and well-being of many men and women. At VivreSKIN Repair Clinic, we have tried and true, safe and effective weight loss and weight management programs that offers long term healthy impact, increase energy, make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices, and improve your overall health. Weight loss programs at VivreSKIN are monitored by Dr. Edsel Antonio, who has extensive training in women's health, weight management and hormone related issues. Each program is tailored to each individual's needs and may include a diet plan, advice on avoiding bad habits, and a prescription appetite suppressant, such as Adipex-P® (phentermine hydrochloride). To learn if you are a candidate for phentermine as part of a weight reduction treatment program, schedule your visit at our Bergen County, NJ practice today. 


  • Program is customized to your unique needs and goals

  • Nutrition, exercise, and diet plans with physician monitoring

  • Proven strategies and treatments

  • Support and motivation

  • Physician supervised for safety and effectiveness

  • Access to insurance accepting dietician if needed

  • Access to prescription medication if necessary

  • Learn skills, behaviors, and habits for lifetime change

Medical Weightloss: Services
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