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Body Contouring & Liposuction: Services


As medicine and technology advances, traditional liposuction performed in a hospital setting is becoming more antiquated. Smartlipo is laser assisted, thus allowing the physician to perform that as an in-office procedure with minimal trauma and less downtime. Smartlipo uses a thin, laser-tipped cannula that liquefies unwanted fat without harming surrounding tissues. The fat can be left for the body to eliminate naturally or easily suctioned away with a cannula. The laser energy also seals blood vessels for reduced bruising and causes collagen in the surrounding tissues to contract for improved tightening of treated areas.

When performing Smart lipo for his New Jersey patients, Dr. Antonio can use a local anesthetic while the patient is awake. The procedure typically takes an hour to complete depending on the number of areas being treated. Smartlipo provides excellent, permanent results.

With Smartlipo, recovery time is usually quicker than with traditional liposuction alone. Most patients take approximately 1 to 7 days off work. The patient will need to avoid strenuous activities for about a week, but walking and light activity can help you heal more quickly. To limit swelling and encourage healing, you will need to wear a compression wrap or garment for about 2 weeks. Within about a week your slimmer look will begin to appear as areas firm and swelling subsides. Areas will continue to improve over the following weeks.

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Mesotherapy has been widely performed in Europe for decades. It is a proven, minimally invasive treatment for fat reduction. Mesotherapy involves a simple series of injections which help break down unwanted areas of fat. This process of breaking down body fat is referred to as lipolysis.

This method of spot fat reduction by injecting solutions into the skin is incorporated in many name-recognized procedures. Some physicians add additional treatments to increase the effectiveness. Among these ar 

Areas treatable with injection-based lipolysis include:

  • Upper and lower abdomen

  • Thighs

  • Upper arms

  • Fat bulges below the bra-line

  • "Love handles"

  • Saddlebags

  • Double chin

  • Residual fat deposits post-liposuction

  • Cellulite

During your treatment, the solution is injected directly into the fat layers and connective tissue. The injection is relatively painless though some patients prefer the use of a numbing cream. The medication produces a chemical reaction in conjunction with the body's physiology to harden the fat cell wall and begin a breakdown of localized areas of fat.

Benefits from each injection should be evident within three weeks of the treatment. Several treatments, four to six weeks apart, are often required to produce a fully satisfactory result.

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A fat-dissolving injectable composed of deoxycholic acid that helps to target small localised areas of fat which are resistant to diet and exercise. Kybella is specifically designed to treat “submental fullness” —a.k.a the double chin, but has been used to treat stubborn fat in other areas of the body such as bra fat, abdomen, hips inner and outer thighs.

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Loose, sagging, and drooping skin is caused by several factors, including a loss of the collagen that gives skin its laxity, and a loss of skin-supporting fat. ThermiSmooth®, a unique radiofrequency (RF) technology, is used to tighten the skin and rebuild collagen over time.
Unlike alternative procedures (such as Thermage, BTL Exillis Ultra, and Titan, to name a few), the ThermiSmooth® device provides a pain-free solution for effectively tightening skin.

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