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From the innovative mind of one of the most unique aesthetics medicine practitioner and dermal specialist, Mina-Jacqueline Au, comes a cutting edge skin repair and women's wellness medical clinic, VivreSKIN Repair Clinic. VivreSKIN is a synergistic lifestyle medicine practice, catering to those who are not just looking for physicians only when they are sick but looking for someone who will guide them on a journey to health and beauty. 

In an industry often marked by excess, our work at VivreSKIN is more nuanced, combining the highest regard for safety and efficacy, along with moderation and mindfulness, two attributes often neglected in cosmetic dermatology. Our founder's groundbreaking work in skin health restoration has garnered a cult following over the years. She is devoted to European medical aesthetics modalities, being the American advisor to the world-renowned Institut Pasteur in their cancer and infectious medicine research team and having completed extensive skin health studies in Europe and other countries ... all attributes that have placed her in the center of numerous accolades in this field as an unique dermal specialist. Vocci Magazine in Paris has nicknamed her "The American Medical Magician".

VivreSKIN Repair Clinic offers innovative treatment protocols, taking a 360 degree approach to anti-aging, women's health and skin health. This approach is highly proactive, preventive and personalized. With a team of highly skilled professionals, VivreSKIN provides each patient with personalized service and a tailored approach to skincare, beauty and wellness. Spending time with patients, understanding their needs and educating them on the science and medicine of skin is the number one goal at VivreSKIN. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

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